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Al Alson Language School was founded and licensed on the 2nd of November 1981. Since then the school has expanded from Kindergarten buildings only to state of the art Preparatory and Secondary School. Our aim since foundation has been to strive to provide excellent instruction, programs, and facilities for our children. The school provides a safe and spacious learning environment where students are empowered to nurture their love of learning and thrive on challenges. At ALS, we cultivate the values of mutual respect, personal responsibility, equality, and compassion. We seek to emphasize the development of students’ creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. We embrace the notion that each student learns differently and we strive to engage the wide range of learning styles that pass through our gates and fill our classrooms every day.

At ALS, we promote a healthy well-balanced lifestyle with a diversified academic program. Likewise, we believe that students learn by doing and that community engagements offer opportunities to make unique learning connections Staff is highly qualified and acquainted with the latest modern methods of education in a friendly respectful atmosphere.

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