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Guidelines for the submission of the research project for the stages from 3rd primary to 3rd preparatory 2019/2020

The duration for submission is from: (Saturday 9th of May 2020 till Saturday 16th of May 2020)

    Steps for submission:
  • The file must be written in the form of ‘word’ and then convert it into ‘PDF’.
  • The name of the file should be named *by students code*, the nine digit code"الكود المكون من 9 ارقام "of the student and his grade For instance: 123456789G3
  • Enter your student’s account on EDOMODO.
  • When you enter any class on EDOMODO, you will find an icon called "research project المشروع البحثي 2019/2020".
  • Click on the icon and a window for submission will appear.
  • Upload the file and make sure that its name is written in the way described above (the nine digit code + the grade).
  • In case of more than one student participating in one project, the codes of the other students will be written in the ‘details’ checkbox.
  • Click on the icon ‘final submission التسليم النهائي ‘for submitting it.
    In case you faced any problem:
  • Call us on 01111591375/01111591685
  • Send us a whatsapp message.
  • Visit our school according to our working hours.

The uploading schedule for "the research project المشروع البحثي"

Grades Days
Grade 4 Saturday
2nd preparatory  
Grade 5 Sunday
3rd preparatory 
Grade 3 Monday
1st preparatory 
Grade 6 Tuesday