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A large and updated school library for the senior sections caters to the needs of all the students. A wide range of books helps the students find appropriate information necessary in their studies and projects.

The inception of library for the junior section was welcomed warmly not only by the students but also the parents. The students are showing their deep interest to improve their reading skills. The teachers are also organizing different activities to improve their communicative skills.
Our library supports the information and academic needs of our students, faculty, and staff. In addition to a large selection of literature and reference materials, the library also has videos and DVDs. ALS experienced librarians introduce students to library skills starting in the kindergartens and provide research instruction and services as students get older.

The school library is well-designed and equipped to serve the requirements for both our students and staff. The school makes sufficient budgetary allowance for library resources (i.e. library's book collection and equipment) and it is equipped with computers and internet access 24/7 for both students and teachers. Audio-visual equipment is readily available
In addition, students have access to a vast collection of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines in Arabic and English.


Library Lessons:

Each student has library time once a week. Pre-school students have library time for 30 minutes and students in kindergarten through fifth grade meet for 45 minutes. During library time students hear stories and have the chance to check out books. Sometimes we also work on fun and important library or research skills. 

Library Books:

We have over 1000 books in our elementary library! Our library collection has many genres, including: adventure, biographies, classics, comics, historical fiction, mystery, and much more! We also have many books that come with CDs if are interested in those.
To support a love of reading in any language, we also carry books in different languages, such as French, German, and Spanish.

Library Catalog:

All library materials (books, magazines, DVDs, videos, etc) are listed in the library catalog .


There are print magazines/journals and newspapers are available for the recreational and research needs of students and teachers.

Teacher Resources:

Books and journals catering to the professional development needs of the school are kept in the Teacher Resources collection in the Library. We also have an extensive collection of instructional and recreational DVDs and CDs.

How Books are Organized:

Our books can be found in 11 sections around the library. Our sections include: Animals, Graphic Novels, Holidays, Media, Non-fiction, Picture Books, Reference, and World Languages. We have also divided our fiction books into three categories to help students find books in their reading level: Beginner, Expanding, and Fluent. Each section is color coded and clearly marked to help students find books more easily. In addition, many of our most popular books and series are located in a central spot so students can easily find them.

Overdue Books:

You can keep a book for two weeks. After two weeks, the book is overdue (late). Please return your overdue books. If students have any overdue books, they cannot take out any more books until they bring their overdue books back.

Lost or Damaged Books:

You need to pay for your lost or damaged books. Please ask the library staff for a bill, which you will pay in the Finance Office

Library Restrictions:

Please do not bring food or drink in the library. Food and drink can damage our books, carpets, and computers.