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Sports and Fitness

    Sports Facilities:
  • Sports not only keep students physically fit but it also teaches the values of discipline, loyalty teamwork, hard-work and honesty which helps them to play the bigger game of life. At ALS we have variety of sports to choose from like football, volleyball and basketball. To bring out the child’s maximum potential, we have professional coaches for all sports. Sports such as soccer and basketball are introduced at the Elementary School level and continue until Senior Secondary level.
  • The School has highly skilled coaches for training the students in these sports and students take immense interest in their performance. We are in the process of arranging inter-school competitions for the sports played at our school.
  • In our effort to build an integrated personality and to nurture the talents of students the school encourages a variety of games and athletic activities.
  • The school’s sports facilities include playgrounds, a kindergarten play area (with play equipment)

Indoor Gymnasium:

Students at all levels are strongly encouraged to participate in various sports activities. The School uses the gymnasium for these activities. Sports are fun and offer students the opportunity to develop skills, make lasting friendships, and learn the values of discipline and sportsmanship. Sports are also important in order to promote physical fitness and competitiveness among students.