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Computer Lab

Al Alson Language School integrates Information Technology (IT) into the curriculum, and thus provides the latest resources in this field to the students. This involves setting up a computer lab inside the premises with the required computer hardware, software and accessories and providing the necessary furniture and fixtures.

The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband internet connectivity with firewalls. IT exposes students to modern technology. We focus on implementing IT to truly benefit student learning to provide teachers and students with up-to-date information about technology so that they will be able to expand their resources.

The computer lab is equipped with 30 computers and is open to all students. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and other software in a variety of languages.
The computers are equipped with network access to allow students to explore the Internet.

There are a variety of specialized educational programs also installed in the computers. Students may work in the lab on subject-related projects, under the supervision of respective subject teachers.