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School Canteen

School Canteen

ALS follows a healthy food strategy for the best interest of our students.
We want the students to learn to make the healthy choice when it comes to food and to be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food.
It is very important to keep in mind, that the children have a lot of work to do in the school. It is scientifically proven that the right healthy balanced food helps children to perform better at school. Therefore they need to have their bodies nurtured in the best possible way, provided with all nutrients like vitamins and minerals. 

     That is why we ask you, dear parents, to follow our food policy and support us with the following:
  • The school canteen provides a food service during lunch and break times. It offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.
  • If your child does not take the food that is provided by the school, please send EVERY day a (cooled) lunchbox to school, containing enough food for the break times at school.

Make sure, that you include only healthy food that is easy to eat independently by the students. Also always provide the students with a water bottle.

Please find below a list of items that covers all areas of food, which you can choose from to provide your child with food that meets the young body’s requirements. (If you like you can cut this table out to use as reference.

Kind of food Sandwiches Drinks Sweets Snacks
Examples  - Wholemeal bread with white/yellow cheese, zatar (Thyme), labneh, vegetable spreads.
- Croissant (plain, cheese, zatar or jam) 
- Water
- Sugar and preservative-free juices
- Sugar and preservative-free milk.
- Dates
- Dried fruits
- Non-salted almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts
- Dried figs
- Wholemeal Mamoul
- Salty biscuits
- Salty sticks
- Rusk (Kaak)
- Vegetable cuts (like cucumber, carrots, green pepper, etc.)
- Fruit cuts (like pears, pineapple, apple, etc.)
Please avoid!*   NO:
- Cooked processed foods like: hamburger, nuggets, french fries, pasta etc.
- Fatty filling like: cold cuts
- Sugary drinks
- Soda/fizzy drinks (like Pepsi, 7up etc.
- Energy /power drinks (like Redbull or Pocari Sweat)
- Coffee or black tea
- Peanuts
- Chocolate
- Chewing gum
- Candies
- Creamy cakes, etc.
- Chips
- Salted nuts etc.
- Pickles