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Phonetics Lab

Phonetics Lab:

ALS follows the national English curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education. In order to achieve academic excellence the school also supplements this by teaching one of the best internationally known curriculum.

ALS is providing the students with a phonetics English lab, to help them in practicing the language. Our facilities are equipped with listening stations where students can listen to recorded materials, conduct related exercises, and take advantage of other language resources. Students get together with classmates and speak the language together.

The phonetics lab services to assist students in viewing of the foreign language which accelerates their proficiency or fluency in a foreign language using computer programs and other audio aids. Students become able to practice sound recognition, identification of main points in talks and note-taking skills.

    This is considered to be more effective way to learn a language.
    Phonetics Lab provides:
  • 1. Regular practice in listening to model voices.
  • 2. Achieving targets which are impossible in the average classroom.
  • 3. Build up the students' vocabulary.
  • 4. Strengthening the learner’s ability to understand the spoken language at normal speed.
  • 5. Development in reading and writing skills in association with listening and speaking and makes it possible for the student to engage in imitative and repetitive drill.
  • 6. A better understanding of unfamiliar sounds.