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Our school seeks to provide a caring, motivational and supportive, learning environment which allows all students to achieve their personal goals and to become responsible citizens prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

ALS aims successful partnership of educators and learners in a safe, supportive environment that promotes a sense of responsibility, and motivation and fosters intellectual curiosity thereby cultivating balanced, service-oriented citizens, who are prepared to be positive contributors in a globally competitive world.

ALS believes strongly in the development of the whole child emotionally, socially, physically, and academically. Character development is an essential element of this belief and an integral part of my vision for ALS. People of character seek to discover the truth, decide what is right and demonstrate the courage and commitment to act accordingly. The true measure of a person is reflected in this very important value set. ALS wants all of the students at the school to become students of character.

We also believe in setting the foundation for a sustained and substantive transformation of education and pedagogy that can be the standard performance for overall teacher success in a variety of environments. Effective leadership in teacher education begins with a demonstrated commitment of delivering a quality program for each teacher to realize success through measures which reflect accountability and productivity.

Recruitment and hiring are at the core of delivering and sustaining quality education. ALS will make it a priority to insure the appropriate level of quality is maintained as teachers and administrators are hired and recruited.

The basis for an enhanced educational experience is where the teacher interacts with each student in the classroom. It will be essential for teachers to feel comfortable applying new technologies and approaches to teaching and learning. The school vision includes creating the environment to make that happen. Managed correctly, this vital element can have a positive impact on not only keeping the best possible teachers for ALS but also further advantage the very student population we want to succeed.

The overall vision of ALS can be best served when it reflects a holistic orientation to education. All students bring a different set of intelligence, abilities, passions, and skills to the learning environment. In order to maintain, inspire and involve students at any level it is critically important to design curricular activities to engage these students with a variety of learning styles.

ALS is committed to the development of students as scholars and teachers to becoming leaders in personalizing learning environments sustained by a foundation of principled education pedagogy. An inherent part of ALS vision therefore is to insure that we are all focused on helping children become who they are.

Finally, a quality education weaves all concepts into one and reveals the interconnectedness of everything: science, technology, politics, language, philosophy, and art. It is a thread directly connecting the learner to the past, and the possibilities of the future. It offers the chance to view life in both new ways and old ways. It expands the mind and sets it free in the world of thought, in the world of possibilities. Ultimately, through a quality educational experience, we are all connected to the essence of being.

Our vision therefore is to foster a fundamental belief of learning for learning’s sake for the entire ALS community. By creating an environment of inclusion that inspires and empowers students, teachers, administrators, and parents to reach their full potential, our character as a school will shape not only our own destinies but the destinies of those who follow us.