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Tuition fees

    The Board of Trustees will determine both when fee increases will occur as well as the amount of the increases. All tuition payments are payable prior to the commencement of each academic term.
  • If a student joins the school after the first term and his/her place is being held open from [September], the fees for the entire period from [September] to the date the student actually joins the school must be paid in addition.
  • One month notice is required to ensure all paperwork is complete for a student.
  • Failure to pay such fees may result in loss of the student’s place at the school and/or further penalties, including:
    • withholding of educational transcripts, references, final examination results;
    • suspension from school in accordance with ARE Ministry of Education rules; and temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion.
  • Tuition will be refunded only after the parent or guardian has submitted the request in writing to the school Admissions Office. Tuition refunds are provided to the original payee.
  • Tuition refunds follow the Ministry of Education bylaws. Therefore, if a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows:
    • If a student attends school for 2 weeks or less, they will be charged one month tuition.
    • If a student attends school for more than 2 weeks and less than one month, they will be charged 2 months school fees.
    • If a student attends school for one month or more, they will be charged 3 months school fees.
Transportation Fees

Bus fees are paid in full, for the entire academic year.

Other Fees

Uniform fees are not included in the tuition fees.

Additional Terms

Tuition fees cover textbooks and special activities.

Fees for school uniform, transportation, field trips, special courses, extracurricular or special activities and summer school activities are payable separately.

Note: ALS reserves the right to accept students from the Waiting List in place of students who have not paid their tuition installments by the date of registration.