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Chairman Welcome Message :

The mission of Al Alson Language School is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally and ethically to thrive in an educational setting and beyond that, with the lifelong purpose of active participation in global citizenship. Age appropriate curriculum is designed for each level while maintaining a focus on elements of both academic and character development. Students are encouraged to be independent in their contribution to the well being of their school, their classmates and the community.

Al Alson Language School strongly believes that its graduates are prepared to contribute and succeed in an increasingly complex and demanding world. We combine teaching academics in state of the art facilities with experiential education in nature surrounding, incorporating the genius spirit of the outdoors into educational program to promote self reliance and prepare students for the life beyond. We are a school community of high expectations, academic and otherwise. At the same time, we are devoted to assist students to develop intellectual, artists, and personal interest that will allow them live as lives of constructive service to society.

Khaled Hassan Azazy