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Welcome Note

Welcome to the ALS – Preparatory School

Today we aim to help the student learn by addressing the developmental needs of the whole student. The decisions we make here in ALS School today
will help students become protagonists for their own ideas, perspectives and causes.
Students need to have knowledge and skills that can be applied in ever-changing situations.
They need versatility and the confidence to trust their instincts.

Our aim is to prepare our students for the future,
Our academic results are very good; sport, music and drama reach new standards each year and our extra curricular programme is varied, rich, challenging and full of opportunities.
But, most importantly, it seems this School produces very fine men and women. Ladies
and Gentlemen, I’m delighted to report that the School is going from strength to strength.

ALS has flourished, is flourishing and will continue to flourish even more in the future
established on sound principles.

ALS is a happy, thriving, buzzing community of young men and women who learn to appreciate the values of hard work, commitment and making the most of each opportunity presented to them. We would like each person to realize his/her full potential by the time they finish their school with us so they are confident, assured young people ready to embark on university or a working life.

We believe that our students should enjoy their time at school which is achieved though knowing our students thoroughly, caring for their needs and helping them to establish their identity and self-esteem. We manage to achieve this through the range of extra curricular activities we have on offer as well as the broad based academic curriculum we provide, and the pastoral care all of which, we consider to be an integral part of “education”.
The School believes that education is as much about building character and relationships as it is about gaining knowledge.