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Top Students (Class 2018/2019)

Our ALS-Elementary stage has been honored to hold the “Top students ceremony” for G9 & G3 (class 9102/9102) on Thursday 12/12/2019, in the attendance of:

  1. Dr. Ahmed Shabaan (Director of Nasr city Educational zone)
  2. Mrs. Lobna Ibrahim (Private education director)
  3. MRS. Salwa Hamdy (Private education deputy)
  4. Mrs. Eman Abu Elkheir (School director)
  5. Mrs. Judi Abde Moneam (Stage Principal)
  • The ceremony included 2 shows by the top students under the supervision of Mrs. Heba Ismail.
  • Also honoring some teachers from the stage for their great effort.
  • The school is thanking the parents for their co-operation and attendance.

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