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ALS Future Designer ( Online Grade(7) 2020/2021 )

The school administration announces that there is a technological contest for grade 7

- All participants are 1st preparatory students only for the year 2020-2021
- The design will be an advertising project about ALS school in different fields ( educational – activities –trips – shows and competitions)
- The programme used is (One of the following):
A- Power point
B- Open shot
C- Pro show
- The advertisement duration is five minutes only.
- All details about the competition will be explained on Sunday 30/8/2020 at 6:00 pm.
- Due date within 10 days" Thursday 10th of September".
- The best three designs will be discussed online.
- The winners will be honored.
- Designs will be sent on the following account on Edmodo.

Link: Computer grade7
It will be registered through (m8rbfq)

Looking forward to seeing your projects