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Preparatory Two


Set of books :

  • Upstream(student's book ,work book)
  • Grammar course book (Grammar way)
  • Poetry
  • Drama " King Lear "
  • Novel "Jane Eyre "
  • Reading & Writing course book
Thematic units for Grade eight :
  • People's (character & appearance ,personal Qualities) .
  • Neighbours (love your neighbour).
  • Relationship to others.
  • The environment (animals,natural habitats ).
  • Travel and holidays.
  • Modes of transport.
  • Accommodation.
  • Holiday problems.
  • Ways of traveling.
  • Education (types of school ,Mind your Manners)
  • Parts of the body (body language –moods and feelings-festivals)
  • occupations and employment jobs.
  • Idioms related to the units .
  • phrasal verbs and prepositions .
Writing skills :
  • articles about the worst holiday experience.
  • Dos& Don`ts when dining out.
  • An email about school life .
  • A (for & against) essay.
  • A review of a film.
  • An email about a dream job.
  • Dos & Don`ts on hour to defend your self.


Humanities (Social Studies and Language Arts) is taught in all Middle School grades. It integrates Social Studies and Language Arts by combining the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of Language Arts with the content and skills of Social Studies. Literature can enrich the study of History, and historical background enriches a story. When writing assignments are chosen from what is being learned in Social Studies, it gives a purpose to the writing. This kind of interdisciplinary approach removes the strict and artificial boundaries between subjects and increases holistic learning.