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The preschool program is built around the High/ Scope philosophy. This philosophy views pre-schoolers as emerging readers and writers. The competencies and attitudes children develop in these early years set the stage for later learning. In High/Scope programs, children learn to read and write by building on the complementary skills of speaking and listening. The interrelated skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing are captured in the High/Scope language and literacy key experiences Literacy development is social as well as cognitive. We write because we have something to say to others; we read to discover what others have to say to us. Learning to read and write build on children’s desire for interpersonal relationships as well as on their intellectual drive to communicate. High/Scope embeds early reading and writing in children’s desire to share with others what is meaningful to them. Pre-schoolers not only learn about the tools of communicating in print (such as letters, sounds, and phonemes) but become enthusiastic about reading for information and pleasure and writing as a tool for communication and expression.

Writing at this level is often called ‘pretend’ writing and becomes their personal representation or interpretation of writing that is modeled in the world around them. Note writing, list writing, reaction writing, journal writing, alphabet writing, name writing- anything that requires a child to self-express through written communication and supports writing skills are appropriate writing tasks. As with any skill, our students vary in their levels of literacy skill. For this reason, we routinely monitor student progress and encourage every preschool student to write.