Kindergarten is an essential phase in child’s education if it isn’t the most essential one.
This stage has a unique role in the child’s life as he acquires the basic learning skills and talents through books, play, fun, discovery and technology.

At Kindergarten stage, Al Alson Language School provides various materials and activities to motivate children to learn the language, reading, music and art.
Activities are often closely linked and learning can take place in several areas at the same time. So, it is presented in ways which are known to work best for children: 

  • Through experiments, where conclusion can be reached free from fear of getting things ‘wrong’.
  • Through allowing children to progress at their own personal rate building on a previous experience.
  • Through planning time and resources for children to initiate and develop their own learning.
  • Through providing motivation from well-presented play activities. In other words we can say that well-planned play is central to children’s learning in the Kindergarten stage. This method of learning is both challenging and fun.
  • Indoor and outdoor ‘Classrooms’ are organized to give children plenty of space to move around, to work on the floor and on tables, individually and in smaller and larger groups.

By the end of the KG stage your children should be able to:

  1. Show independence.
  2. Demonstrate self-discipline.
  3. Follow instructions.
  4. Think and create.
  5. Express their needs.
  6. Share and take turns.
  7. Acquire a set of morals, e.g. being responsible and creative.