School Policies

The school website has been prepared to help in building the mutual trust between the school and the parent.

School Day:

  • From 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.
  • Students that don't use the school bus must adhere to the above mentioned school hours.
  • Students IDs' shall be distributed at the beginning of the academic year.

Students shall not be picked up from the school without presenting the IDs. 

The School Year:

The school year starts early September and ends late May. The year is divided into two terms, there will be on going assessments through each term, and a major assessment by the end of each year for each subject. 

School Uniform:

Students should come to school wearing clean and tidy uniform.

Jewelry and mobiles are forbidden.

Students must wear black shoes and white socks.

Students must wear the school training suit on P.E. days only. P.E classes will be announced at the beginning of the year and parents will be notified. 

Student Attendance:

In case of absence more than 3 successive days, a medical certificate should be presented to school administration. The school doctor will indicate whether the student could attend the class or not. 


The school doctor should be informed of any illness that the student may have. If a child has a specific medicine to take, then it should be labeled with the child name and class and given to the doctor to be kept at the clinic.


There is a nanny available and ready to help the children at all times. 


 The break is taken for rest, chatting with friends, drinking, eating…etc. Football is forbidden during the break.


  • Parents should provide their children with some food. It is important to encourage them to bring healthy food.
  • Please eliminate sweets as much as possible.

Children Belongings:

  • Parents must send the following items so as to be kept in class for each child.
  • A set of underwear.
  • Two sets of outfits; one for summer and the other for winter.
  • All these belongings should be labeled clearly.

The Channel Book:

The Channel Book is the main tool of communication between both teachers and parents. All the important news concerning your child will be written or stapled in his/her channel book. Please check it daily and sign on every message and don't hesitate to communicate with teachers through it. It's against school policy to communicate to teachers through mobile phones. 


     The following points are general guide lines for behavior in our school:
  • Breaking the rules will result in serious consequences such as grade deduction or suspension from school.
  • Students must adhere to the classroom, bus and library rules at all times.
  • Shouting and running are strongly prohibited.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in school.
  • Students are expected to be honest, cheating will not be tolerated.