• Al Alson Language School possess modern, well equipped air conditioned buses that go all around Cairo.
  • Buses covering all around the regions in Cairo and the new cities.
  • We have experienced drivers and well-trained matrons.
  • Matrons enforce bus rules and take care of the students.
  • Buses are provided with mobile phones for any emergency or inquiries.

School Bus Policy:

To ensure the safety of our students, please read and follow the following regulations: 

  1. Students are not allowed to use the school bus unless the fees are paid.
  2. To receive a bus card, show the receipt of bus fees payment.
  3. Parents have to receive their children as soon as they arrive to their specified address, otherwise the bus supervisor will be obliged to return them back to school. In this case, parents will have to collect their children from the school. Students have to wait for the bus in the right place; five minutes at least before the scheduled bus time otherwise they'll miss it.
  4. If parents have any complaints; please do not talk to the driver. However, parents can hand in written complaints to the bus supervisor, who shall deliver them to the administration.
  5. Bus supervisors and drivers follow the school system and regulations. We hope if you would kindly be nice to them, to help attain safety and organization, for sake of our children.
  6. If children cause any intended damages to the bus, parents will receive a bill to pay for mending those damages. We are looking forward to your co-operation, by following the bus rules and advising your children to do so. On the other hand, we are ready to handle any objective written complaints or constructive proposals, aiming to achieve the best results.