English provides high quality of education through activities, and applying the latest technology through an experienced and hard-working team of teachers. Our targets are all achievable with the establishment of a strong relation between the students’ families and the school. 

  • To adapt the latest techniques through integrating the different skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • To build and enrich the students’ vocabulary and phrases as well as acquiring the right sounds of English through pronunciation.
  • To develop imagination and creativity.
  • Teach the children how to improve their listening, reading, writing and speaking.
    By the end of the year children will be able to: 
  • Recognize and identify all capital and small letters.
  • Read at least 70 sight words.
  • Write complete sentences.
  • Understand written words.
  • Make and say rhyming words.
  • Talk about the meaning of the words and learn new words through classroom experience.
  • Use sounds of the letters to write their first and last names.
  • Improving their reading skills and early literacy experience.