Sports and Health

"Health is Wealth" playing as a team encourages cooperation among children. Students at Al Alson Language School enjoy a wide range of sports (two times per week). 

Sample Daily Physical Activity 1:

Warm-up: walking on the spot,
Students begin with a slow walk on the spot. Then, the speed of the walk increases at 10 second levels. As well as the speed increases, the lift of the leg increases. Students will also begin to move their arms with the movement of their walk. Warm up will last about 5 minutes.  

Activity: Zoo

The teacher says a letter or the sound of a letter and students must match an animal with a sound or letter. Students will begin to walk like an animal. No sounds are allowed at this moment. The teacher will call out "zoo" and all students must freeze in their walking position for the animal and make the sound of this animal. Teacher will assess if all students choose an animal that corresponded with the sound of the letter.